D&L Haulage (Dorset) Ltd – 10th Anniversary 2008 – 2018

10 years ago today I embarked on the total unknown I started D&L Drivers Solutions Ltd which is now known as D&L Haulage (Dorset) limited after a bad Business partnership turned sour.

I left behind the Business and my very own Rocky Truck (which I now have back) and walked away with nothing only my dignity and the love of my family but I kept my sights set on what I wanted to accomplish.

In October 2008 after only 8 weeks in Business the recession hit the UK and I was chucked into the unknown with a few companies going out of business on us and then we had a very hard few years after that supplying drivers into the industry while I was on a lorry trying to make ends meet and I was away from my family all of the time just trying to get the Business model I always dreamed of to give me and my family the future we so much needed

I have made friends and I have drifted away from so called friends but I can clearly say that Guy Morgan and Mike Simpson have had a massive input into D&L for most of our time in Business and I could not of achieved what we have without both of your support you each have different quality’s but very much appreciated.

I would also just like to thank my whole family for everything and my darling wife Laura Wrann who married me when I was on the bin lorries back in 2002 you have stuck with me through thick and thin and have at times brought our children up single handed I love you more than words can say and look forward to our future together.xxxx

Thank you to all of our friends and you all know who you are as again you have all supported us from the very start

Also D&L has got some amazing drivers/personnel and I know sometimes I don’t talk to you all as I should but I want you all to know myself and Laura really do appreciate you all as you work so hard for D&L and this needs to be mentioned as you all mean a lot to us so here’s to the next ten years.

D&L Haulage now run 17 trucks and walking floor trailers and is a very successful Business and we will hopefully be running a lot more in the future to come.

As with all highs you get the lows and we have also lost a few so called friends along the way but that’s life and think they were not real friends to begin with.

Thanks again for your ongoing support.  Kind Regards Darren

PS. Gareth Drinkwater you are a true friend that has stayed loyal to me for years and you don’t even work for me, Cheers Pencil love Ya xxxxxx

PS. I love you Laura Wrann you are my Rock and I love you Kaitlyn, Jack and Charlie very much xxxxx

Happy 10th Year Anniversary D&L