Mike Garlinge

Mike Garlinge

Fleet Manager


Mike is our Fleet Manager and through meticulous planning and years of experience gained managing large Commercial Fleets, has the unenviable task of ensuring that our Haulage Fleet is kept maintained and compliant to current legislations at all times.

Again a superb multi-tasker who jumps on the spanners at a moment’s notice attending a breakdown in probably the most well equipped and expensive Service Van in the Country ensuring that the wheels are always kept rolling.   He may always have dirty hands, but his spanners are immaculate.

Besides Mike’s attention to detail and meticulous planning of our Fleets maintenance and records, he is also the go to person (Connoisseur) for best Burger in town and can be found sampling the local delights most afternoons.

Email: mike@dl-haulage.co.uk
Phone: 01202 051660