Guy Morgan

Guy Morgan

General Manager


Guy is the General Manager for D&L who looks after all areas of the running of the business and like his team has an extensive knowledge of the Transport and Waste Industries born from years working for Blue Chip companies like Suez and Viridor.

Been with the company since 2011, he’s been a major part of its year on year growth and success being Darren’s right hand man and close friend, who is seen not as an employee, but a family member.

His commitment to the business is second to none always the first one on the office and the last one to leave and the only person that we know who can walk through a force ten gale and not have a hair out of place.

Guy is an asset to the business, has an approachable nature, someone who will look after you when required, but upset him and he has the amazing knack to “roll his eyes out loud” even over the phone.

Phone: 01202 051660